Best Practices: Importing your show to QLab automatically

Around here we love Figure53's QLab3 so much as a playback engine for shows. So much so, that we've made it so you can export shows inside of troupeIT directly to QLab.

We've developed an Applescript that allows for easy importing and you can download this on our support page.

While we support playback directly from your show's Live View page, we don't recommend that you play your music and videos over the Internet during a show. Any issues with the venue's Internet connection could result in unacceptable dropouts or other problems with playback.

So, Always download your show!

First, download your show's ZIP file from the Downloads page. Put this file someplace and extract the archive.

Then, Download the Qlab Import tool (available on our support page.)

Start QLab by double-clicking the application icon.

Then, Create a new workspace with Command-N.

Double-click the "Import troupeIT to QLab" script.

Find the location of "metadata.tsv" in your show's directory. Select it, and click "Open."

All of your music, images, and notes will be imported. We'll even retain the color of your notes and highlight the show items in QLab!

I'll update this post shortly with some how-to images.