A better billing page and company manager

This week we've rewritten the the company management page, adding a number of useful new billing features for you, including invoices and billing history. For those of you with multiple companies, you can now see an overview of all of your companies and the billing plans that you're subscribed to in one place.

All you have to do is click 'Manage' under the companies tab on your dashboard to get there...

Our billing partner, Stripe, makes sure your cards are always up to date, even when your bank issues new cards. However, if you have to use a different card or update your billing address, you can easily do it on the manage page.

By the way, we're only a couple months off from publishing our mobile TroupeIT player on iOS, a full offline playback application for your show. You'll be able to log in, download the audio for your event, and run the show from your iOS device.

More news soon. TroupeIT wants you to have the best show ever and we're there for you!